The burden of sickle cell disease in Uganda is still high. Numbers from a study carried out by the Uganda sickle cell surveillance in 2016, show that between 17,000 to 20,000 babies born every year have sickle cell disease. Health Minister Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng says there are partnerships and increased efforts to push companies that manufacture a drug that improves the red blood cells to reduce the cost.

Our executive director Sharifu Kiragga Tusuubira giving a speech in Washington DC, during the 2017 Mandela Washington fellows summit at the Renaissance Washington, DC Hotel. Sharifu shares his story with sickle cell , particularly how he was named Tusuubira a name that means “we hope”.

Story of impact , our Executive Director Sharifu in Johannesburg South Africa. Sharifu was selected as one of the most impact stories for the year 2017 under the Mandela Washington Fellowship a program run by the United States Department of State.

Whats Up Kansas City Interview with Sharifu Kiragga Tusuubira from Uganda. Sharifu is a part of the 2017 Mandela Washington Fellows. The Mandela Fellows are on a educational journey for a six-week Civic Leadership Institute at Kansas State University. Throughout the course of the Institute, the Staley School will facilitate opportunities for cultural exchange and leadership development to advance the work of each Fellow by growing their capacity to lead change upon return to their home countries. Sharifu a Biomedical Scientist by profession , is the Executive Director of Uganda Sickle Cell Rescue Foundation an organization formed with the aim of promoting awareness and sensitization to fight sickle cell disease in Uganda. Sharifu lives with sickle cell disease and provides a firsthand narrative that addresses issues of care, behavior, stigma and discrimination.