Our Strategy

Over the last three years, we have been intensely focused on the discrete problems
faced by the people living with sickle cell and their families most notably stigma,
discrimination, extreme poverty, broken families and unemployment. These key areas are
impediments to the envisioned improved quality of life of our people. There has been
substantial progress in each area. But if we are going to achieve inclusion of the people
living with sickle cell then there is more need for change.

USCRF is now focused on setting up community support groups throughout all the regions
of Uganda, setting up sickle cell awareness clubs in schools at all levels i.e primary to
tertiary together with our economic empowerment program for families affected by sickle
cell disease.
USCRF major activities are organizing community campaigns to promote sickle cell
disease awareness and advocate against the associated stigma; offering free sickle cell
screening and testing; supporting sickle cell management and treatment; and economic
empowerment for families affected by sickle cell disease where we worked with a local

USCRF also seeks to develop partnerships and networks in many other countries across
Africa and the world over, with patient organisations, government agencies, businesses,
investors, financial institutions, scientists and other allies committed to fight against stigma
and discrimination.|