Other Notable Achievements
i. Buganda Kingdom Partnership where we were able to secure the prestigious Kabaka Burthday run for
promotion of sickle cell disease awareness in Uganda. This run will have Sickle Cell as a theme for the
years 2017, 2018 and 2019. The run for 2017 was held on April 9th and 30,000 people participated.

ii. Media Partnerships ; USCRF hold partnerships with over major media houses namely Delta TV, Salaam
TV, Pearl Fm and Vision group. With the first three providing a monthly talk show for the promotion of
sickle cell disease while Vision group offer media or press coverage for our events.

iii. USCRF holds a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Health Uganda enabling USCRF to
support sickle cell care /management in the government facilities across the country.

iv. USCRF has organized 4 successful international sickle cell conferences attracting more than 5000
participants each since 2013 in commemoration of the World Sickle Cell Day. The first conference had
the Speaker of the Parliament of Uganda, second had the Vice President of Uganda, and the third had the
Prime Minister of Uganda as Guest of honor.

v. USCRF has a teaming agreement with OMPT- USA to enable sickle cell awareness through use of Videos
and mobile projectors in rural Uganda. (this project is yet to implemented)

vi. USCRF has a partnership with Namasuba College of Commerce where people living with sickle cell or
their immediate families can attain scholarships for vocational education.

vii. USCRF is working with a local company AGT laboratories to provide free Banana planting materials and
agricultural extension to a group of 40 selected families from slums in Kampala. This is a pilot project for
poverty alleviation and economic empowerment.

viii. USCRF has a partnership with International Health Sciences University to provide student volunteers in
the project activities while champion sickle cell research during USCRF activities.