USCR has two Boards, an executive board and a non-executive board. The members of each board are
listed below;

Dr. Bulaimu Muwanga Kibirige ; Chairman Executive Board

Dr Bulaimu Muwanga Kibirige

Dr. Bulaimu Muwanga Kibirige, commonly known as BMK, is a Ugandan businessman, entrepreneur, and
hotel owner. In 1986, BMK Group started a general trade and manufacturing company. Ten years later in 1997 Hotel Africana was born with only 40-rooms they have now expanded to 233 rooms and 30 serviced apartments on Kololo Hill, a prestigious location within Kampala’s central business district.
He named his hotel, Hotel Africana. During the next ten years, the hotel grew into a five star establishment, with several amenities, a swimming pool, manicured gardens, and a conference center, the Africana Conference Center, with a seating capacity of 3,500 delegates. In addition to the hotel, BMK has invested in real estate, construction equipment, motorcycle distributorship, and foreign exchange bureaus across East and Central Africa. He was also the founder of the Boda Boda rides a term he says
was first used at the Boda of Uganda and Kenya when people used to cross on bicycles he later introduced Motorcycles imported from Japan and the culture of Boda Boda’s was born. Bulaimu Muwanga Kibirige is the Chairman and Managing Director of the BMK Group of companies, whose member businesses include: Hotel Africana, 2-4 Wampewo Avenue, Kololo Hill, Kampala, Uganda, BMK Group (U) Limited, Nateete, Kampala, Uganda, BMK Group (K) Limited, Nairobi, Kenya, BMK Group (T) Limited, Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, BMK Group (R) Limited, Kigali, Rwanda BMK Group (Z) Limited, Lusaka, Zambia, Hotel Africana Forex Bureau 1, 2-4 Wampewo Avenue, Kampala, Uganda, Hotel Africana Forex Bureau 2, 16-18 William Street, Kampala Uganda, BMK Construction Leasing Company, Kigali, Rwanda, BMK Oil Equipment Company, Kampala, Uganda.
Dr. BMK has been very instrumental in raising funds to support sickle cell initiatives from the Ugandan business community.

Dr. Sikander Lalani; Member Executive Board.

Dr. Sikander Lalani

Dr. Lalani is Chairman of Roofings Group which is made up of Roofings limited, Roofings Polypipes and
Roofings Rolling Mills.

Dr. Lalani is very enthusiastic about giving back to the community and for this reason, he has support for sickle cell initiatives in Uganda.

Mr. Nsubuga Erostus; Member Executive Board, Chairman Economic and Bussiness Committee

Mr. Nsubuga Erostus

Mr. Nsubuga is the proprietor of AGT Group and he is the Chairman and Chief Executive. Mr.Nsubuga is
a Swedish citizen born in Uganda. He is an entrepreneur with vast experience in international marketing in Africa, Asia, and Europe. He has worked for 10 years for Ericsson AB Telecommunication company in Stockholm, Sweden as Sales and Marketing Manager for Africa and Asia. He Pioneered in setting up the first Mobile Cellular Telecommunication Network in East and Central Africa, Celtel – now Airtel Uganda, where he worked as Sales and Marketing Director for 5 years. He is the pioneer of Mobile World International BV, a Dutch company dealing in the distribution of Mobile Cellular telecommunication products for different network operators in Africa where he worked as Managing Director for 3 years. Mr.Nsubuga has other responsibilities and some of them are: He is: The Chairman of Uganda Biotechnology and Biosafety Consortium (UBBC): Chairman of Buganda Cultural and Development Foundation (BUCADEF): Chairman of Swedish-Ugandan Business Association (SUBA): Chairman of Tissue Culture Business Network (TCBN) in East and Central Africa: He sits on the Presidential Technical Advisory Committee on Business Competitiveness in Uganda under the Presidential Investors Round Table (PIRT) 2015-2018: He sits on CICS committee under the Ministry of Finance in Uganda: He is a Board Member of the newly constituted organization “The European Business Forum (EBF) in Uganda. He was the: Chairman of the National Crop Research Resources Institute (NACRRI) in Uganda 2006 – 2009: Chairman of Presidential Investors Round Table (PIRT) Agribusiness in Uganda, advising the President of Uganda on Agricultural Business Investments in the country 2007 to 2010: and others.
Mr. Nsubuga has been very instrumental in the Family Economic empowerment program where AGT group has given planting materials and technical support to families affected by sickle cell disease.

Prof Christopher Magala Ndugwa; Member Executive Board

Prof. Christopher Magala Ndugwa

Prof Christopher a renowned Paediatrician, pioneer of the Mulago Sickle Cell clinic, and former head of
Mulago Paediatric department. Prof Christopher is also Chairman of the Polio Eradication Campaign in
Uganda and runs a sickle cells clinic at Nakivubo which is considered a role- model clinic for sickle cell
Anemia in the East African region.
Prof Christopher is Ugandans most experienced sickle cell expert and he guides the strategic direction of
UASCRF so as to enable impactful service delivery.

Ms. Annet Dolorence Namirembe; Member Executive board

Sister Annet Namirembe

Ms. Annet Dollorence Namirembe, a Senior Principal Nursing officer of St. Francis Hospital, Nsambya. She
is also a member of the Buganda Government, Ministry of Health Senior Management team.
Ms. Annet is very instrumental in overseeing our programs regarding offering free medicine to people
living with sickle cell throughout the country.

Dr. Major Lukiah Lucky Mulumba ;

Major. Lukiah Mulumba

Dr. Lukiah is a Family Nurse Practitioner Doctor of Nursing Degree from, University of Alabama, USA. She was
very instrumental in starting Uganda’s American Sickle Cell Rescue Fund- America in 2005. Through her
continued effort, she has overseen the transformation of the sickle cell people in Uganda.
She has also been a very big pillar in the establishment of UASCRF -Uganda. She is working to create
partnerships of UASCRF with organizations in the diaspora.
She is interested in ;
1. Developing Sickle Cell research in Uganda
2. Evidence-based practice/treatment in all health care centers in Uganda
3. Supporting infrastructure development to include sickle cell clinics in each district of Uganda
4. Supporting the creation of a Major bone marrow center in Uganda
5. Contributing to an increased life expectancy, better living conditions for those living with sickle
cell in Uganda
6. Working with the Ministry of Education to create a school curriculum to include sickle cell education
and awareness


Mrs. Winfred Lalani ;

Ms. Winifred Lalani

Mrs. Winfred Lalani is a former Miss Uganda Aspirant. She is very enthusiastic about community
development initiatives. She is an advocate against the gender inequality of rural women in Uganda. Her
goal is to see that women in Uganda being treated with the due respect they deserve.
Mrs. Winfred has currently championed the family economic empowerment program. She has donated
Land along Gayaza road to our Sickle Cell Mother’s forum to start up a pilot poverty eradication farm.

Hajj Haruna Kalule Kibirige;

Hajj Haruna Kalule Kibirigye

Hajj Haruna commonly known as HKK is the Managing Director of Hotel Africana. Hajj Haruna has been
instrumental in championing sickle cell initiatives in Eastern Uganda particularly Manafwa. Hajj Haruna has continuously given Hotel Africana resources to sickle cell initiatives. He has encouraged all the hotel staff to test and know their sickle cell genotype

Mr. Stiuart Mwesigwa ;

Mr. Stiuart Mwesigwa

Mr. Mwesigwa is the Business Development Manager at Roofings
Group. He is very instrumental in fundraising for USCRF in the corporate industry.
Mr. Abdullah Mulumba;
Mr. Abdullah Mulumba is a registered Nurse in the USA. He has played an oversight role on the various
health programs USCRF has run overtime. He has also been instrumental in helping UASCRF write
grant applications.

Ms. Sarah Kibirige;

Ms. Sarah Kibirige

Ms. Sarah Kibirige is a Marketing expert working with Hotel Africana. She was very instrumental in the
success of the sickle cell annual conferences. Ms. Sarah is continuously guiding UASCRF on how to
market its brand.


Ms. Tracy Balita Nagawa; Executive Director

Ms. Tracy Balita Nagawa

The project Officer holds a bachelor’s degree in adult and community education and has undertaken training in sickle cell disease management. I joined UASCRF as a volunteer and
later took training in sickle cell management and counseling and I became a project officer in the
organization. My role is project management, support the secretariat in regular coordination with the
ministry of health and other stakeholders, coordinating with the partners, supervise and support field
activities, monitoring, documentation and reporting, and other duties and responsibilities as assigned by
the UASCRF that are within my experience and expertise. I have also ever worked with Uganda Youth
Development Link (UYDEL) as a counselor, it was an organization dealing with youths that are drug
addicts and prostitutes.

Mr. Samuel Sendiwala; Project co-ordinator

Mr. Samuel Sendiwala

Mr. Sendiwala serves as the Project Coordinator, where he is tasked to coordinate all organization
activities, implementing the agreed action plans to the agreed standards as instructed by the different

committees and the Board. He is also responsible for the effective preparations and delivery of all project
events and meetings and the production of the necessary documents for the effective flow of information
amongst members. He also evaluates the project activities and reports the progress to the Executive
Mr. Sendiwala served at various levels in UASCRF. He also started as a Volunteer in 2013 helping in the
organizing of the 1st Sickle Cell Conference. He has been coordinating the activities of the organization till
Before this, Mr. Sendiwala has served in other institutions as the Operations Manager at Promote Uganda
Ltd where he was responsible for negotiating contracts with Government and private sector in
promoting Trade, Tourism, and Investments. He has also worked with DFCU Bank in the Electronic Banking
department where he was promoting the use of the online banking system to customers and other
members of staff, handling and solving customer complaints with the service. Mr. Sendiwala has also been
key in coordinating Uganda Diaspora Social Networking Events held in Uganda. Mr. Sendiwala holds a
Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce and pursuing a Diploma in Project Management.

Ms. Euniky Musiimenta; Community Engagement Officer

Ms. Euniky Musiimenta

Ms. Euniky Musiimenta serves as the Community Engagement Officer. She is responsible for the management and implementation of USCRF’s community engagement activities and services, including grantmaking, identifying and nurturing opportunities for effecting a positive change towards sickle cell awareness and advocacy that are aligned with USCRF’s strategic plan.

Miss Euniky served at various levels in USCRF as a team leader of 20 volunteers which was a group that majorly worked tirelessly to promote awareness, sensitization, and fighting sickle cell disease in Uganda through school clubs and community gatherings. She is experienced in community work, she has also served as a lead youth volunteer at Youth Alive Uganda which groomed her into working with the community, the youth, and becoming a disability advocate.