Our Background

Uganda Sickle Cell Rescue Foundation (USCRF) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) founded in 2013 as an effort of the Mulumba family a Ugandan couple living in the USA together with Dr. Bulaimu Muwanga Kibirige (BMK) of BMK group. USCRF was founded to support sickle cell awareness while improving the quality of lives of people living with Sickle Cell disease. These were later joined by Mr. Nsubuga Erostus of AGT Group and Dr. Sikander Lalani of Roofings Group. The Technical team is comprised of Prof. Christopher Ndugwa an International Sickle Cell expert, Dr. Lawrence Kaggwa a Senior Consultant surgeon and Sister Annet Namirembe the Matron of Nsambya Hospital. These constitute part of the Board of Directors.

In Uganda, Sickle Cell disease is one of the neglected diseases. It affects every religious belief, tribe, community and social class. 13.5 % of our population has a sickle cell trait with the Sickle Cell disease prevalence varying from one region to another. The North has the highest sickle cell trait prevalence ranging from 17 – 21 %, East-Central 16.7%, Mid-Eastern Uganda 16.5% and South-Western region 4.1%. Sickle Cell disease contributes 25% to the Child Mortality Rate in Uganda, where 25000 babies are born with it annually.

It is estimated that 80% of these die before their 5th birthday. However, the dilemma of the person living with sickle cell and their immediate family goes beyond grappling with the overwhelming health effects of the disease. The deeply-rooted stigma from society alone causes families to sometimes hide their sick for fear of being labeled cursed and eschewed from social functions. When known that a family has a sufferer, intimate relationships with any member of that family are shunned. USCRF seeks to address this burden.